About North Fresno Foods

Looking back…

Founded in 1993, North Fresno Foods is built with a focus on fundamentals. Where we say what we do and do what we say. Where our word is our bond. Where clients know us not for flashy promotions or empty promises, but for quality products and consistent, on-time delivery.

Our founder, Pat Cahill, entered the food business in the early ‘80s while working on his undergraduate Marketing degree at California State University, Fresno. After graduation, Pat landed a position with Zacky Farms, launching his long career in poultry. He later moved to a poultry distribution and manufacturing firm, calling on dozens of food buyers and forging relationships that endure to this day.

Energy and fierce loyalty strengthened those relationships, forming the foundation of the company he would establish in 1993: North Fresno Foods.

Each member of the North Fresno Foods team started in the meat and poultry business in their teens, bringing authenticity to the concept of growing up in the business. The team brings unparalleled experience in all aspects of poultry processing and shares a deep commitment to client satisfaction.

Moving forward…

Building on the fundamentals that founded North Fresno Foods, we have emerged as a uniquely reliable source for top-quality chicken products to meet our clients’ every need: conventional and antibiotic free, natural and organic, fresh and frozen. All provided through our partnerships with the most trusted chicken producers in the nation. All to deliver the dependable supply our clients have come to count on.

We look forward to continuing our legacy of trustworthiness, integrity and rock-solid reliability, for today’s clients and tomorrow’s needs.