North Fresno Foods Customers

North Fresno Foods is a trusted distributor of top-quality chicken products. With our wide selection of fresh and frozen chicken, we are able to meet the specialized needs of foodservice, manufacturers and retailers.


Today’s foodservice industry is more competitive than ever, and North Fresno Foods is fully equipped to meet its demands. We have the supply to accommodate orders of any size for delivery. All provided with in-depth knowledge of the restaurant and institutional industries to help our clients operate competitively and profitably.


A longtime supplier to food manufacturers, North Fresno Foods offers the supply, quality and value to meet virtually any specifications. And just as important, we provide a full range of chicken products to meet the latest market demands and evolving consumer preferences.


From exceptional customer service to competitive pricing, innovative programs to successful promotions, we give our retail clients many reasons to trust North Fresno Foods. But none are more important – to us or to them – than reliability. Our experience in providing fresh and frozen chicken products for our retail clients ensures a consistent supply, dependable delivery options and a proven partnership for success.